Saturday, March 28, 2009

Multani Embroidery Patterns:

It is said about multan that when Adam was turned out of the garden of Eden, Multan is the place where Satan landed. But millions of Pakistanis believes that it is a city of saints and mysticism. It is claimed that Rig Veda was written in Multan its architects formulate the perfect arch in buildings and wrote the first book on architecture. Multan remained culturally more under the rule of Arabs therefore we findarbic tradition in its Handicrafts, architecture and embroidery works. Multani khussa is also very famous because of the special thread and beads work done on it. khussa shoes are made with the finest quality soft and pure cow leather. Khussa shoes are traditional footwear and are hand made with colorful and sophisticated embroidery on them. Multan is also famous for its thread and 'Aar' work costumes for ladies embroidered cloths cholas or kurtas "for men".

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