Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rayon Embroidery Threads

Rayon is the one of the preferential thread among professional embroiderers. It is a soft thread, available in great colors, and suitable for all forms of machine embroidery. Rayon thread holds up well with high-speed stitching without breaking or fraying and it also consistently performs well. It is easily available and in a wide range of solid and variegated colors, as well as in a "twist" thread composed of two or more solid colors twisted together to form a single strand. They are available in three categories light, standard and thicker. The reason why embroiders prefer rayon thread are the following, It has the high shine high sheen and because of this the embroidery done by this thread looks prominent upon the base even though it is softer. The softness of rayon thread is its advantage when it is used for hand embroidery but when it is used in high speed machinery and it is compared with the polyesters then it is concluded that it is less durable and the its coloring processing consumer allot of time then the polyester but its one characteristics which makes it preferable choice is that it is relatively high heat resistant then the polyester.

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