Monday, March 16, 2009

Polyester & Nylon Embroidery Threads

Polyester Nylon embroidery thread is the popular and economical choice. It is available in a wide assortment of colors; it is direct substitute of rayon thread because output result results are nearly similar to that of rayon. The benefit of polyester is that it won't shrink, fade, or bleed. Like rayon thread, polyester and Nylon threads are strong and won't easily break or fray. Polyester Thread is unnaturally produced from polymer resins. It can be made with a dull finish to look like cotton, with a medium sheen, or high sheen finish to look like rayon or silk. Trilobal poly is higher quality polyester with sheen equal to rayon and is fur free. Due to its strength and color fastness polyester is becoming one of the most popular embroidery threads available these days next to rayon thread and the reason why it is the second option of the embroider it has lower temperature tolerance and more elastic then the rayon. The nylon advantage which nylon thread has its strength that it wont easily break with hands but it has many disadvantages that are its color becomes pale, breaks while laundry and it has very low temperature resistant. Because of this it is only used as the texture blurry thread.

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