Wednesday, March 18, 2009

History of Embroidery and Advancement


Embroidery and other fiber, needlework arts are believed to originate in the Orient and Middle East. It was all started when the man kind found that the stitches used to join animal skins together so that it could also be used for decoration. With the passage of time and technological improvements this tradition moved to the different parts of the world and people started using metal threads, beads and different colors to make unique work of art. Now various parts of the world are famous for different types of embroidery patterns and techniques just like Chinese are well known for their silk threaded, Pearls and stones embroidery, Russians use beads, Greece are famous for sculptures, paintings and Europeans are famous for use of beads and embroidery on layette baskets, coat dress, home furnishings and many other items. Thus thread and bead embroidery can be found on ornamental wear and home furnishings around the world. Thread embroidery include hundreds of stitches, now a days complex thread embroidery patterns, fancy metallic threads and beads can be applied using sewing machines in addition to hand stitching...still lots of improvemnts are coming by each passing day and that vast field demands more and more.

Rayon Embroidery Threads:

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