Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kashmiri Embroidery Patterns:

Embroidery work of Kashmir is named “Kashida” and we can see the beauty of its natural surroundings in it. The novel ness of Kashmiri embroidery is that the whole pattern is created using one or two embroidery stitch styles. The base cloth which is used in Kashmiri embroidery is usually cotton or wool. And the colors which are used in Kashmiri embroidery are of lighter shades. Special care is taken to ensure that the color shades blend into the background. One of the most famous patterns which are followed in Kashmiri embroidery is of single stitch; famous names of styles of Kashmiri embroidery are Sozni embroidery, papier-mache embroidery, and Ari or hook embroidery. The second pattern which is followed in Kashmiri embroidery is of Chain stitch.. A hook is used instead of a needle because it covers more area than a needle and wool, cotton or silk thread is used. Embroidery is done on a piece of plain white cloth and small stitches are used to create figures and motifs in bright colors. The background is also made up of a series of embroidered coin shaped circles, which add beauty in the entire structure of the work. Chain stitch is used to create chain stitch rugs.

Shawls from Kashmir are popular because of the embroidery done on them. The craftsmen of Kashmir, to beautify shawls use different stitches. Sozni or fine needlework is generally done on the side of the shawls. The value of the shawl is determined by the amount and quality of the embroidery. The traditional Kashmiri dress; Phiran is also endowed with rich embroidery. The finest embroidery from Kashmir can be found on Pashmina shawls. Sometimes the entire surface of these shawls is covered with fine embroidery.

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