Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cotton Embroidery Threads

It is the only natural fiber thread which is made for the embroidery. It has many forms and each form is used to get different results Cotton embroidery thread is very often ignored by automatic embroidery machine users. Because of its linty problem so to over come this issue cotton thread had to be passed through following processes. First process is called “Mercerizedin this process the thread is treated in a solution, causing the fibers to swell. This allows the dye to better penetrate the fibers and increases the sheen of the thread. It also increases the strength of the thread. Second is “Gassed” in gassing the thread is passed through a flame at high speed to reduce the fuzz. Third isGlazed” in it the thread is treated with wax or other chemicals and then polished to create a higher shine. Although the result is a glossy, hard finish which protects the thread, the glaze does rub off and can gum up the needle and machine. fourth is “Cotton-wrapped poly” in this process cotton is mixed with the polyester cotton-wrapped poly threads are approximately two-thirds poly and one-third cotton and will therefore had the hybrid characteristics of polyester and cotton. But the fact is that it performs superbly in embroidery machines and has a lovely, soft sheen. And in addition to that it is available in many weights.

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