Monday, May 18, 2009

Tajima Industries Ltd.

Tajima Industries Ltd.embroidery machines manufacturer

Tajima Industries Ltd. broke into the embroidery industry in 1964 with the development of the embroidery machine. As until that time embroidery had been performed only by highly trained craftsmen. In 1994 Technical Center was established to undertake several tasks to design and develop of new products, technical guidance and after-sale services. In recent years, many developing teams have been organized to design and develop "Operator-friendly" machines with low vibration and super-low noise. They have established our distributors throughout the world; 3 in Japan and about 70 overseas. In order to promote after-sale-services for customers, they also organize periodical technical training and always try to improve technical service level. They started Mass production of embroidery machines started in May 2006 and they are producing more than 3,000 types of embroidery machines with 1 to 56 heads.

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