Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Roll to roll embroidery machines

Following are the features of roll to roll embroidery machines:

  • Internal battery backup and origin reference allow you to restart quickly and accurately even after a power failure.
  • This embroidery machines has Automatic thread break detector.
  • Variable sewing speed from 200 to 600 stitches per minute and can be adjusted to suit each individual application.
  • Perimeter trace allows you to trace the outline of a design to ensure proper placement of design.
  • Digitally float to any stitch in a design.
  • Visual pattern preview.
  • The Head of this embroidery machines contains 5 or 9 needles.
  • This embroidery machines has super quiet operation, means it produces very minimal sound while running.
  • Thread clamps hold threads in place to prevent pull outs.
  • This embroidery machines has the quality of Automatic color change.
  • Automatic thread trimmers.
  • It has the Built-in 3.5" disk drive.
  • 261,000 stitch capacity in 10 patterns. Expandable up to 696,000 stitches.
  • Automatic speed control ensures optimum stitch quality.
  • Ability to update software from disk.
  • Backup disk of all patterns stored in memory can easily be created or restored with one simple command.
  • Function List allows you to quickly and easily change color sequence in one screen.

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