Sunday, May 17, 2009

Barudan Co., Ltd,

Barudan Co., Ltd, embroidery machines manufacturer

Barudan is one of the leading embroidery machinery manufactures of the world. In order to cater to the worldwide demand of "Barudan", companies over the globe have been set up to meet the need of our customers over the last 4 decades. It all started in 1962, when Mr. Yoshio Shibata who was the founder of Barudan Co., Ltd, introduced the first embroidery machine to the Japanese market. Since then, many updates and technological jumps had been made in both machine design and performances have been done. For instance, in 1972, Barudan developed the first jump system that enabled a significant increase in stitch length to be sewn. In that year company’s motto was development and sale of embroidery machines with automatic color change system. In 1977, Barudan developed the world's first multi-head computerized high-speed embroidery machine. In 1981, we produced the first monogram machine that allows Chinese and Japanese characters to be sewn. The decade of the 80s was mainly dedicated to the development of computerized machine functions. In 1996, Barudan developed an ultra high-speed embroidery machine of 1,200 revolutions per minute ("rpm").

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