Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wooden Beads

In past wooden bead making was used as exercises for trainee or as spare time work for journeymen or masters. Wooden beads are appreciated for a variety of reasons beside beauty and aroma. Some woods are prized because they are considered sacred like that of the bodhi tree, where the Buddha found enlightenment. Carpenters and carvers of different region use the most easily available species of wood for making wooden beads. The trees which provide material for creation of wood beads are olive, sandalwood, bamboo, bayong, ebony, ironwood, palm, apple, pear, and rose, to name but a few. All of these types of wood have been used for beads either because the grain of the wood is beautiful or because the wood is perfumed. Olive trees have a natural red grain that is wavy and the heart wood darkens and hardens with age to produce an elegant pattern. The heart wood comes from olive trees which are trimmed each year after harvest and the trim wood is used for decorative carvings, jewelry and embroidery. One of the famous wooden beads is that which is made up of Sandalwood because they are light both in color and weight and they have a distinctive soothing aroma. And the other is those which made up of Rosewood because it is dark and heavy and dense and its grain appears in subtle lines of black and dark brown. Rosewood beads are said to strengthen the feeling and ward away negative energy. Most striking and famous wood beads originate in the middle-east or southern Asia, but Europe is also a source of wood beads

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