Saturday, April 18, 2009

History of Egyptian Embroidery

Many believe the ancient Egyptians wore plain garments, or clothing. But in reality they used Garments as a background for sophisticated jewelry and played a complementary role. They used Beads, rosettes, and sequins were used to enhance the appearance of clothing’s. A rosette is an ornament made of ribbon or silk that is gathered to resemble like a rose. Beads are particularly in the form of jewelry were used throughout Egyptian culture from old times up till now, but occasionally they have been found either sewn onto cloth or woven into the fabric. In the early medieval period, embroidery became popular in the Egyptian culture.history tell that the technique which they used in royal clothing in called Applique, this method is used for the decoration of larger piece of fabric. One forms of applique was the use of different types of braid to decorate garments. Sometimes the braid had small fringes along its edges, in which case the braid was placed along the outer edge of a piece of cloth. When there were no fringes, it was usually either sewn across the cloth or down the edges. Garments were also decorated with pleats, and the oldest examples seem to be horizontally pleated dresses.

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