Friday, April 10, 2009

Pearls Embroidery of Russia

14th- 16th centuries was considered as the boom for the pearl embroidery in Russians and this is because of their love for pearl embroidery on all kinds of clothes, from boots to hats. Archbishop Arsenii Elassonis describes the opulence of Tsaritsa Irina Fedorovna outfit (1588-1589), that included a crown adorned with gems and pearls. Surviving examples of ecclesiastical embroidery wear and rare secular items, as well as wills and other period documents also attest to widespread use of pearls in garment decoration in the Russian history. Iakunina cites wills that refer to pearl embroidered voshvy (a loose light dress with wide triangular sleeves), hats, collars, and other items. Thus, the presented headdress having the art work of pearl embroidery based tell the great stories of on surviving period examples of pearled garments and post-period examples of similar headdresses used by the ancient men and women of the Russia. But as the time pass on and artificial beads are introduced people started ignoring the pearls because they are expensive and scarce.

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