Thursday, April 2, 2009

History of Beads

Beads are used the world over for many different things. The word "bead" comes from the Anglo-Saxon "biddin" meaning "to pray" and "bede" meaning prayer. The history of beads is very long. They have been used as a form of trade, and of beauty, lucky charms, and for the show of wealth and power. Bead making is a highly valued art/skill all over the world from beginning to up till now. Many skills and techniques which are being used for the formation are still hidden for us and if the method was revealed then their might be the possibility that the craftsman life might fell in to risk. Even today, some secrets are still highly valued in some countries. Some countries share the export of beads because there were only a few skilled workers And this the reason value of the beads in enormously high. Now a day with help of technological improvement manufacturer of the beads had developed new materials and techniques such as steel, cast iron, plastics and many more form of beads which are a bit economical. This enabled more people to wear jewelry and embroided clothes. As people demand more and more diversification in their jewelry and embroider patterns demand and new techniques of bead manufacturing had also increased.

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